R. Lacy Services, LTD


Oil & Gas Exploration & Development


Patrick O'Bryan

The Crain Foundation .

Dan Befort

Michael Bellar

Chris Bresch

Eric Collins

Ann Lacy Crain

B.W. Crain

Terri Downing

Kathy Gilchrist

Robby Griffith

Darren Groce
Foundation President

Brent Haas

Plez Henderson
Vice President of Marketing

Richard Kilby

Kelsey Koon
Operations Manager

Jodie Lacy

Steve Ligon

Taryn MacIntyre

Kathy Maxwell

Lauren Minze

Sam Palomaria
Human Resources Manager

Barry Sutton

Cathie Lou Tehan

Walter Tehan

Brett Thompson

Meredith Todd

Holly Trest
Legal Assistant

Harve Truskett

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